Sportshall Athletics 2018 News - updated January 12th

County Teams - athletes have been contacted (via their club team managers) to let them know that they have been invited to represent the county at the Regional event in Grantham on Sunday February 11th. (The UK Finals for the winning teams and best individuals in the U13 and U15 age groups - Manchester on April 14th/15th)

Sharon and Gary Smith (the team managers) have selected these athletes from the results of the Sportshall Athletics League.  Congratulations to all the clubs, the athletes and their coaches.

Under 11 Girls - Fun in Athletics

CHARNWOOD AC: Emma Abel (Team Captain), Khara Bowley-Williams, Alesia Demello-Leitao, Isabella Westwood, Caitlin White

IVANHOE ROBINS: Nicole Chipindiko, Megan Harris, Lucy May, Savana Smith, Erin Suart
RUTLAND AC: Ruby Dudin, Cienna-Leigh Shakespeare
SAFFRON AC: Tavia Jamieson-Blunt, Alesha Williams

Under 11 Boys - Fun in Athletics
CHARNWOOD AC: Harry Carrott, McKenzie Marshall, Rudi Weston
HINCKLEY RC: Henry Carlile (unavailable)
IVANHOE ROBINS: Luca Axton, Harry Blewitt-Jenkins, Lorenzo Massarella, Ben McLean, Adam Morrison, Samuel Smith (Team Captain), Harley Whyman, Charlie Watkins

RUTLAND AC: Edward Way

SAFFRON AC: Ryan Butler

Under 13 Girls - Regional Championship
CHARNWOOD AC: Lauren Cherry, Charli Sampson, Gracie-Rose Walters
IVANHOE ROBINS: Chloe Mabhara, Ella Merrie, Etty Sisson (Team Captain), Rosie Harris, Jolie Lynn (unavailable)
OWLS AC: Anna Douglas
RUTLAND AC: Leah Butterfill
SAFFRON AC: Poppy Adkin, April Seaton

Under 13 Boys - Regional Championship
CHARNWOOD AC: Jamie Carrott, Finnley Mushrow
IVANHOE ROBINS: Frankie Bevilacqua-Masunda, Luke Talbot, James Boyles (Team Captain), Lucca Massarella,
SAFFRON AC: Ashley Butler, Lucas Dixon, Ellis McBean, Jaydon Shaw

Under 15 Girls - Regional Championship
CHARNWOOD AC: Libby Fort (unavailable), Lexie McLoughlin, Molly Palmer (Team Captain), Millie Parker (unavailable)
HINCKLEY RC: Emily Buckler
IVANHOE ROBINS: Jeany Halsey, Clarisse Le Bars
RUTLAND AC: Annie Dudin

Under 15 Boys - Regional Championship
CHARNWOOD AC: Joseph Bourne, Josh Jolob, Jake Sisson (Team Captain)
IVANHOE ROBINS: Kyle Barker, Max Potter
SAFFRON AC: Josh Jolob, Daniel Kosmaczewski