County TF Championships 2018 News

Posted by Administrator on Sat 3 March 2018

Leicestershire and Rutland AA will be having a stand-alone Track and Field County championship for the first time since 2005

The majority of the events will take place at Saffron Lane Athletics Stadium on Saturday 12th May and will again offer Electronic Timing (Photo Finish) on the track. In order to accommmodate rules regarding maximum events the committee are also holding some events on other dates at another nearby venue on Sunday 13th May and also on other dates as near as possible to the county championship weekend.  We will keep you informed as soon as this is finalised and aim to publish the Championship Prospectus no later than 23rd March. 

More detail about the reasons for the  2018 decisions can be found on a link to this longer message from the Leics and Rutland AA organisers for the county champs

  • 10,000m County championship - 18th April 

This will be a joint championship again with Northamptonshire (Moulten College, NN3 7RR). We have hosted this joint event in Leicester for over a decade and it will take place in Northamptonshire within their Open Meeting for the first time - it will have a bonus of electronic timing. Details to follow as soon as they are available - the event will take place at 8pm